UH Pres. staff calls police on SAS member asking for appointment

Here’s what happened when SAS member Brendan Laws asked UH president Khator’s staff for an appointment:

read it on the Daily Cougar website here.

Khator should take the time to hear student concerns

To the editor:

I’m a freshman at the University of Houston, and in my experience UH President Renu Khator is not very open to students.

I tried to set up a meeting with her on a weekly basis, representing the student group United Students Against Sweatshops to discuss human rights issues that affect our UH garment workers, but I received no direct feedback.

Instead, I was redirected to the vice president of Student Affairs while this issue is one that can only be handled by the financial and administrative departments.

I thought maybe Khator hadn’t been informed of the reasons that I was attempting to meet with her, so I decided to peacefully wait for her in her waiting room to discuss this in person.

I was reading a book when administrative officials began heckling me and told me that it was impossible for me to meet with her that day. I said, “That’s all right, I’ll just wait here and read my book just in case.”

Eventually the police were called. They took me into their custody, escorted me from her office and informed me that if I ever enter Khator’s office without an invitation, I will be arrested.

I don’t understand how Khator can hear my input, as a student, if I will get arrested for trying to talk with her about human rights issues that concern me.

Brendan Laws

sociology freshman


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