Khator’s letter to SAS threatens us & excludes students input

This evening (March 3) we received a letter from Chancellor Khator about our campaign to sign the DSP. We will be drafting a reply soon but for now we wanted to post her letter. Please note that the Fair Labor Association is made up of manufacturers and the WRC is independent. We’re disappointed that even though the Student Government passed a bill to sign the DSP, Khator is ignoring that and setting up a committee that apparently DOES NOT INCLUDE STUDENTS and is chaired by an economist who does not specialize in globalization or labor.

We are most disturbed by her threats, “You must immediately stop any and all disruptive behavior. Any such behavior will be subject to discipline under university policies and procedures.” We have not disrupted anyone and feel that she is trying to silence our concerns by attempting to scare us off. Read her letter – Khator letter to SAS

Read our reply- SAS reply to Khator


6 responses to “Khator’s letter to SAS threatens us & excludes students input

  1. dear dr. khator,

    i think it’s disruptive to rub it in my tuition-paying face that my student government and its recommendation mean nothing.

    yours in sisterhood,

    sarah slamen

  2. Sarah you should have came w/ us for the Fair Trade action today. Khator not only wrote them today, she called Ross, the leader of Students for Fair Trade. Apparently Khator’s getting a little pissed with all the attention to social justice. Can’t a girl enjoy her half a million salary in peace?

  3. sorry, you guys are almost always doing stuff when i’m working. i have to pay for tuition and more Starbucks on campus and stuff.

  4. Press on, guys! An economist on the commitee, eh. . .

    Although the world-renown, British, E.F. Schumacher was himself an economist, he had no kind words for his brethren, lofty projections or the mega corporations of America.
    I discovered Schumacher’s, Small is Beautiful, years after I embarked on my personal mission for the talented displaced apparel workers in Texas and the nation. Although Schumacher died in 1977 his voice resonates for the worker, still.

  5. Reading Khator’s response, I’m wondering if there’s a bit of cultural dissonance; eg, the desire that students use appropriate channels and accepted modes of expression to express dissatisfaction. Iow, be “civilized”.

    I thought it was a little weasley to cite positions of other universities and manufacturer’s memberships in FLA (don’t get me started).

    Still, in fairness, I also have to wonder how many of these students are making similar tough choices when it comes to purchasing products -of all kinds- for themselves.

  6. why does khator seem to think that university students would be stupid enough to be discouraged by stating that the u.s. doj hasn’t endorsed the dsp and that the rest of the texas universities have yet to endorse it? in fact, it’s no surprise that the texas universities haven’t endorsed it, when texans get a poorer public education and are more conservative than most of the rest of the country. say no to empathy!

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