UH President’s salary vs. sweatshop workers pay

President / Chancellor of the University of Houston Renu Khator signed an employment agreement with the University of Houston system on December 27, 2007 let’s take a look at some of the particulars:

$425,000 per year salary

$100,000 per year retirement pay

$50,000 yearly bonus

Total annual cash payout $575,000

Fringe benefits:

Free housing at the 6,700 square foot Wortham House @ 1505 South Boulevard. Appraised value of neighbor’s house is $2.2 million. Presidents house is tax exempt.

Automobile with all gas, maintenance, insurance paid.

Club memberships paid.

General expenses such as travel, entertainment, paid including travel expenses for spouse.

Bangladesh garment worker: (some UH clothes are made there)

$15 a month + $8 for overtime

Rent for 6 x 8 foot room $35 a month. 8 workers live in the room.

Fringe benefits: none

See the source for this information and more about the Bangladesh garment worker condition’s here.


5 responses to “UH President’s salary vs. sweatshop workers pay

  1. Your point is a stretch. Yes, there’s a disparity between the Chancellor’s pay and that of a garment worker in Bangladesh. There’s a disparity between the former’s pay and that of a garment worker (however few may remain) in America, too. This seems frustration bordering on desperation grabbing for headlines.
    Between the workers’ leadership of Shabnam Hafiz and the likes of economist A. Razzaque the wait and climb up for the workers to see justice would seem a distant goal in Bangladesh.
    I can no more speak to the Bangladesh garment workers’ pay anymore than the Chancellor’s. What I will reiterate is a point that does not garner headlines. Namely, that there is a core in Houston as in many other communities in America teeming with those individuals, not employees, with the Knowledge, Skills and Experience to meet the apparel needs of a campus store. While independent apparel retailers remain the, as-yet, unwilling, proposed beneficiary of Independent Enterprise Networks, a university campus store is the American tax payers’ “business”. As such, I believe the campus store is a harbinger and a model of great things for families, business, justice, and, our economy by creating partnerships with IE-Networks with apparel makers.

  2. That’s just not right. Khator should be banned from the seat of President at U of H, for her misconduct of our money and treatment of human beings. She may feel that she can’t do nothing about it. But she can! Also let’s not mention the fact she has a Stewart Cadillac parked nicely around U of H.

  3. Where are your sources? You guys cant expect us to believe that these facts are right if you dont have credible sources. Dont just write anything that comes to your mind.

    • Hello Mr. Kunzler,

      If you want us to send you a copy of Prez Khator’s contract where we got all this information, just provide your email address. That’s the beauty of the Texas Public Information Act, we just put in a request and get the information, just like the Houston Chronicle and other news sources. We never “write what comes to mind,” we research things! That’s how we got a PhD!

  4. Also the Bangladesh sweatshop worker data is linked to the post. Thanks for reading about our lovely president who cares SO MUCH ABOUT WORKERS!

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