Video of SAS presentation to task force discredits Dr. Craig

On April 28 we gave a presentation to the task force. Steven Craig the economics professor who chaired the “task force,” told a whopper of a lie in his “report,” issued yesterday. Here’s his quote: “The Task Force agreed with a report of the UH Students Against Sweatshops that there likely will be little impact from joining WRC or the DSP.”

You can watch the video, read our mission statement (under the about tab) on this blog, read our mission statement on facebook or read our history, or the media page with all the news stories about our campaign and you’ll see our goal has always been and will always be for the University to sign the DSP and affiliate with the WRC.

Everyone should email Dr. Craig at and ask him why he doesn’t tell the truth!

We’ll have more info about the phony task force and Khator’s statement at our upcoming press conference time and date to be announced.

View the video here: part 1, part 2, part 3


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