SweatFree Communities clarifies their report

On July 1, 2008 SweatFree Communities issued a detailed report about how our tax dollars fund sweatshops. See the post below for a link to the report and the press release. Anyone who knows anything about sweatshops knows that unless clothes have a union label then they’re not sweatfree. That’s just sweatshops 101. Anyway one of the brands in the report, Blauer, stopped using one particular factory in China, so Sweatfree Communities issued a letter clarifying that point. Blauer stopped using that factory because the factory would not grant access to it for inspections. That’s good that Blauer stopped using that particular Chinese sweatshop, however the bigger picture still remains, unless you see a union label on clothes don’t buy them because you can’t be sure that they’re sweat free. And don’t think that American Apparel is any better, they may pay their workers OK, but their CEO has some serious issues about gender. Read the SweatFree communities letter here: sweatfree-communities-clarification-letter


One response to “SweatFree Communities clarifies their report

  1. What if we found a way to get the consumers to encourage sweatshops to stop using these practices – and not through a boycott: http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/nike-reebok-puma-somebody-please-stop-using-sweat-shops-and-well-totally-buy-your-shoes

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