More cover up, lies from UH President Khator

Our recent public information request revealed that Dr. Khator has again lied to the entire UH community. First a little background, back on July 7, UH Chancellor Renu Khator reacted to her bogus “apparel task force” press release. Although the task force called it a “report” it actually is a little more than some rhetoric mixed in with some lies about our group’s goals.

Anyway Khator claimed in her press release to faculty and staff (she leaves out students because apparently we’re the untouchables) she said ” we will accept the recommendation of the task force to join the Fair Labor Association and adopt its Code of Conduct.” (see her entire page of b.s. here: Khator bull crap.

However, our public information request that asked for all documents related to the “Fair Labor Association” (FLA) revealed that UH didn’t even bother to join it. We have never advocated joining the FLA because its just a front group for corporations (see: FLA watch ) however our point is that not only does Khator regularly ignore and lie to students, she has no problem lying to staff, faculty and the entire city with her phony statements that can easily be found out to be falsehoods.

Khator is so brazen and arrogant that she has no problem blatantly lying in press releases. To help understand why this woman hates the working class, you can read a recent article in the New York Times that discusses how upper class people from India have a “a tendency to treat the hired help like chattel, to behave as though some humans were born to serve and others to be served.”

The article also mentioned that “Indians are perhaps the world’s most undemocratic people, living in the world’s largest and most plural democracy,” Sudhir Kakar and Katharina Kakar, two well-known scholars of Indian culture, wrote in a recent book, “The Indians: Portrait of a People.”

Khator is certainly undemocratic. Read the entire article here: Memo from Mumbai


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