UH campus police caught spying on us

A public information request we recently filed revealed that the UH campus police have been secretly videotaping us. On July 15 we held a press conference in front of the library on campus. In reply to our request the UH general counsel provided us with a DVD showing that police officers were hiding in bushes and videotaping us. Apparently these low rent Steven Spielberg wannabes could not actually figure out how to record sound so their nine minute video just shows us standing around in front of the library getting ready for our press conference.

Our press conference addressed President Khator’s phony apparel task force “report” and Khator’s press release which ignored its recommendation to join the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC). Several corporate media outlets were in attendance. We also videotaped our press conference and posted it on youtube. See Press conference part 1, Press conference part 2

Maybe these low rent UH goons could just watch our video and learn something about the sweatshop issue.

It’s also important to note that the Khator and her administrators always tell us not to video them mainly because they don’t want a record of their lies and also because they have a bad habit of fabricating false disciplinary charges against us. But Khator has no problem with her junior G-Men clandestinely taping us without our permission.


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