SAS member calls out administrators in print

Students Against Sweatshops member Brendan Laws has been speaking truth to power as a member of SAS for almost a year now. He’s been all over the media as of late. On Wednesday September 24 he had a scathing editorial published in the Daily Cougar that the editor titled “Khator undermines UH democracy,” but Laws was not ready to rest on that, instead he struck again the very next day with a letter to the editor showing how slimy Khator’s chief of staff Dr. Daniel Gardner really is when it comes to dealing with dedicated student activists.

Read his editorial here: Laws\’s editorial

Check out his letter to the editor here: Laws\’ letter to the editor

What silly thing will Khator and her staff do next? Stay tuned I have a feeling that Khator will shoot herself in the foot really soon. Click the link on the media tab above to see all the press that SAS has received for their campaign get justice for UH apparel workers.


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