Khator’s ceremony cost students over $40,000!

faculty lining up at investiture

faculty lining up at investiture

On November 7, 2008 president and chancellor Renu Khator blew over $40,000 of our tuition / tax dollars on her investiture ceremony. Poor Dr. Khator had a rough childhood, she grew up in a forty room mansion with seven servants. Now that she’s the head of a traditionally working class university it does not even occur to her to try and economize. Not even a global financial meltdown will stop Khator from wasting taxpayers money celebrating herself.

Instead of spending $40,000 on scholarships for low income students, Khator blows it on herself.

Today in response to our public information request we received some of the receipts for her investiture. They totaled $43,904.10 but that’s not all. There are untold more dollars that were spent on the investiture that the university is trying to conceal. Yes the UH lawyers as per their usual methods went crying to the Texas Attorney General’s office claiming that some of the receipts were excepted from disclosure in order to keep the donors names secret!

Over a week ago the Chronicle of Higher Education reported that several university presidents gave back some of their pay or passed on getting their raises. Did Dr. Khator give any of her pay back? Heck no! Let’s review her pay package since her salary gets the most searches on our webpage.

$425,000 per year salary

$100,000 per year retirement pay

$50,000 yearly bonus

Total annual cash payout $575,000

And don’t forget Khator’s very generous fringe benefits like free housing in a 6,700 square foot mansion, automobile with all gas, maintenance, insurance paid, club memberships paid and of course all general expenses such as travel, entertainment, paid including travel expenses for spouse.

Let’s remember that Khator also blew over $100,000 on her “first 100 days” campaign which resulted in absolutely nothing for students in the way of financial aid or scholarships. While students and their families struggle to make ends meet, Khator lives it up on our dime. Is it possible for her to be more uncaring for the financial predictament many students find themselves in?


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