Spring meetings start Wed. Jan. 21, time to get involved!

The new semester is upon us and we’ve got lots to do. We’ll be meeting every Wednesday at 5:30 pm in the Salt Grass room in the UC. It’s on the second floor.

Last semester we got the University to join the Workers Rights Consortium WRC which means our school adopted a code of conduct for companies it allows to produce its logo clothes. This also means that every time the WRC issues a report about workers and their factory conditions the university gets a copy of it. The biggest issue right now is a factory Russell (who produce UH clothes) owns in Honduras. They’re going to close the factory and fire 1,800 because they tried to unionize. Read the whole report here: Jerzees report This is a violation of the UH code of conduct.

We brought letters to UH president Renu Khator twice in December about the Jerzees Honduras situation yet she refused to even write a letter to Russell or take any action about the violations of the UH code of conduct. Other universities like Miami cut their contract with Russell.

We need your help to make our campaign successful. We’re working on bringing a worker from Tijuana next month to speak to the student body. Come on out and learn how to organize, write grants, public speaking, marketing skills and much more.


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