SweatFree Communities releases new report: Subsidizing Sweatshops II

The awesome folks at Sweatfree Communities released a follow up to their report “Subsidizing Sweatshops” which was all about state governments contracting with companies that use sweatshops to make their uniforms and other kinds of apparel.

The sixty-one page report is available on their website: Sweatfree Communities 4.15.09 report


Most readers wouldn’t be surprised to know that Sweatfree Communities researchers found out:

April 15, 2009– Subsidizing Sweatshops II, a new report released today by SweatFree Communities, documents severe violations of labor law and human rights in nearly all factories investigated, including:

  • Child labor (14 and 15 year olds work in two factories investigated)
  • Poverty wages (only enough to cover 1/4-1/2 of a family’s basic needs)
  • Excessive production quotas (resulting in 12 hour days, coming to work sick, and limits on bathroom usage)
  • Mandatory pregnancy tests (in two factories, as a requirement of employment)
  • Unhealthy work environment (suffocating heat; dust causing chronic respiratory problems; accidents resulting in puncture wounds and losing fingers)
  • Severe repression of union supporters (harassment, intimidation, firings and, in at least one case, blacklisting)

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