Top eight salaries of UH administrators

The University of Houston administrators have no problem taking fat salaries while the workers who sew our clothes live in poverty and work in horrific conditions. Did you know how much money the UH administrators make? Well here’s some data to consider as you pay your spring tuition:

Renu Khator

Renu Khator Chancellor/President Chancellor/President $500,000

Salvador J. Loria, Scholarships & Financial Aid Executive Director, $395,200

Michael Rierson, Vice Chancellor / Vice President, University Advancement  $382,416

Mack B. Rhoades IV, Athletic Director $350,000

Carl Carlucci

Carl P. Carlucci, Vice Chancellor / Vice President, Administration & Finance Executive  $324,456

Raymond T. Nimmer, Law Dean $301,000

Joseph W. Tedesco, Engineering Dean $301,000

John Antel

John J. Antel Sr., Vice Chancellor / Vice President, Academic Affairs/ Provost,  $300,000

You can find hundreds of salaries of UH professors and staff on the Texas Tribune’s website right here.


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