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UH Students Against Sweatshops was a group that existed on the main campus of the University of Houston from fall semester of 2007 through September 2009.

During that time we won two campaigns. The first was to get UH to affiliate with the  Worker Rights Consortium. We became the first university in Texas to do so.

The second win  was when we got the university to cut their contract with Russell Athletics because of labor violations in their Honduras plant.United Students Against Sweatshops who we were affiliated with, won this overall campaign also. We forced Russell to re-open that plant and make it a union factory.

Read all about that historic victory right here:
USAS beats Russell Athletic down.

CONTACT: Our founder began a new group Sweat Free Houston , which can be contacted by emailing sweatfreehouston (at) gmail (dot) com.  Or you  can use the old fashioned way and give them a jingle at 832.771.7263.

Graphic Design Thanks to Glenn Wurst for designing the header for this blog.

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission was to get the university to sign on to the Designated Suppliers Program. The DSP is a procurement process proposed by the Worker Rights Consortium and the United Students Against Sweatshops. It is a system for protecting the rights of workers and only applies to the university logo apparel production of licensee companies. The DSP applies only to those production facilities where products are sewn and/or assembled.

The other main tenant of our mission statement is for all campus workers, whether they are custodians, food service workers, teaching assistants or adjunct faculty to be paid a living wage and to be treated with dignity and respect by the University.

In October 2008 we got the University to adopt a code of conduct for companies that license the University name and logos. The university affiliated with Worker Rights Consortium The WRC is a third party independent monitoring body made up of students, administrators and labor experts. They conduct on site inspections all over the world and publish their findings on their website. They act as an enforcement mechanism for codes of conduct for University suppliers. This means that the UH licensees must go by the code of conduct the university adopted.

Also we want the University to cut their contract with Coca Cola because of the company’s terrible human rights and environmental record.

LEARN ABOUT THE ISSUE Check out out powerpoint that explains about the apparel industry, globalization, the Worker Rights Consortium, The “Fair Labor Association” and the Designated Supplier Program. It’s here: dsp-and-wrc


Our sister group was UH Students for Fair Trade. Their email account is still monitored, it is uhfairtrade (at) gmail (dot) com and on the web at UH Students for Fair Trade. The UH Students for Fair Trade group existed from February 2006 to October 2009. Read their detailed history on their website.


6 responses to “About / Contact

  1. Is there a myspace/facebook profile out?? If not ya’ll should get one!

  2. Yes, there is a facebook just search UH Students Against Sweatshops.

  3. Hey y’all, link us…

    Humboldt State University USAS Chapter: http://stopsweatshops.blogspot.com

  4. Kenji,

    Done, look under the anti-sweatshop links.

  5. Can you give me permission to use this image in Making It magazine?

    I am writing a small piece about the Alta Gracia factory.


  6. Charles,
    Sure, go ahead.

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